AMITY is a hijab fashion brand established in Bandung on September 2015. Focusing on products specifically for Muslim women, AMITY provides varied product starting from scarfs, tops, outers, dresses and pants/skirts.

Friendship, peace, and immortality are the heart of AMITY name philosophy. Since the beginning, AMITY committed to forming a strong and friendly internal culture, and also to establish a lasting relationship with customers, business partners, and society. To fulfill those commitments, AMITY always ensures that every product is comfortable, up-to-date, and has the best quality.

AMITY keeps on working and innovating by maximizing local material to be able to compete in the international market. AMITY has positive passion also empathy toward the development of Indonesian local hijab fashion brand, as the tagline carried by AMITY: “Brings you to the next level of hijab fashion”.